My Bash Scripts

Here are some of my bash scripts, most of them were created because I wanted to do some specific task and have it automated.

You can click the navigation links to go to the specific scripts and I will give a short description of each here.

Auto Flash (Interactive)

This script will install or update Adobe Flash player on a Debian based system, it does assume a few things such as it will install to the global location rather than a user based location, it can be easily modified to make it use the user based location and is addressed in the comments.

Auto Flash (Non-Interactive)

This does the same as the interactive script but without user interaction and is suitable for using as a cron job or similar to check for and install (if required) the latest version.

My Boot Script

This little script is placed in cron and uses @reboot to notify me when the system restarts.

Find changed files

This very small script will find files that have recently changed.